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0 - Introduction



BeatleMusings Volume One:




The Musical Legacy of The Beatles




 The mainstream narrative of The Beatle legacy has been repeated zillions of times. We have all heard the “what” the “who” and the “how” of their story. What we still don’t know is the “why.”




For instance, how can it be that despite having had no musical training or education, decades later musicologists are still trying to determine the techniques and chord structures of Beatle songs? How can that be possible if they were musically illiterate? How were they able to create so many musical masterpieces?




Can it really be that they were just “at the right place at the right time”? Is their story nothing more than some weird quirk of nature where four unknown, seemingly very ordinary young men, defied all the odds and went as far as they did? Not only for their hundreds of musical masterpieces – but also for the historical influence and impact they had in the world?




Without anything behind them and absolutely no musical training or education, how were they able to leave behind such a mindboggling musical and historical legacy? How did these four young men do what they did – before any one of them even reached the age of 30?




How is the official version of their story even possible?




For instance, they recorded 30 songs a year! Twelve albums in seven years – more than two a year – two albums and 3.5 singles a year for seven straight years. Their first album, Please, Please, Me was created in one straight twelve-hour session. Most of the songs on A Hard Day’s Night were written in ten days.




McCartney is said to have written the song She’s A Woman on the way to the studio – and they recorded it that very same day. He and Lennon wrote seven of the fourteen tracks on Rubber Soul in under a week. George Martin remembers how the initial track of Strawberry Fields Forever was basically done in the first take, upon John walking into the studio and presenting it to him for the first time.




No sheet music was ever created which instructed the composer and their band mates how to play the songs. In all accounts of their story, there doesn’t seem to be any actual time spent even “rehearsing.”




How was it possible for four humans to be that brilliant without any formal training or education?




Why were they so good- so successful- so “perfect” in every dimension not just in the actual songs. Their legacy reigned supreme- even over the actual musical treasures.




What explains their phenomenal success- and that a half a century later they are very much in the consciousness nearly everywhere on this planet?


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