Till There Was You - The Beatles

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"Till There Was You" - The Beatles (1963)

Widely criticized as being an overly schmaltzy song, “Till There Was You” was written by Meredith Wilson for the 1957 musical The Music Man.

McCartney says in in the Anthology documentary:

“The Lennon/McCartney songwriting collaboration was forming during that period. We went on from "Love Me Do" to writing deeper, much more intense things. So it was just as well someone didn't come up and tell us how uncool “Till There Was You” was.”

He adds:

 “I could never see the difference between a beautiful melody and a cool rock 'n' roll song. I learnt to love all the ballady stuff through my dad and relatives - Till There Was You, My Funny Valentine - I thought these were good tunes. The fact that we weren't ashamed of those leanings meant that the band could be a bit more varied. They showed that we weren't just another rock 'n' roll group.”

Beatle scholar Walter Everett comments:

“The Beatles’ most vivid instrumental colorings early on were sometimes tied to rhythmic effects. Most vividly, stylized Latin rhythms were often recreated by the Beatles, who consciously sought “the next big beat” in the cha-cha woodblock of “P.S. I Love You” and the maracas of “Devil in Her Heart.”  In the case of “Till There Was You” the Beatles rejected attempted arrangements with electric guitars and full drum sets, moving instead to a much more sensitive Latinized color with George’s Spanish classical nylon-string Ram.rez guitar and Ringo’s bongos.”

Russian music critic George Starostin said that  “Till There Was You” contains one of Harrison's cleanest and most effective acoustic breaks ever.

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