Hold Me Tight - The Beatles

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"Hold Me Tight" - The Beatles (1964)

“Hold Me Tight” is highlighted by the Beatles’ trademark dinosaur-stomp heavy four-to-the-bar
McCartney called it a failed attempt at a single which then became acceptable album filler:

"I can't remember much about that one. Certain songs were just 'work' songs, you haven't got much memory of them. That's one of them."

Lennon commented:

"That was Paul's....It was a pretty poor song and I was never really interested in it.”
Many critics did not like the tune. In their book The Beatles: An Illustrated Record, Roy Carr and Tony Tyler says it fails because McCartney sang it out of tune- and because he had “no vision of the complete song.”

Musicologist Walter Everett points out that one of the reasons the track may have failed is that McCartney’s churning bass playing seems to exhaust him nearly to the point of losing control of the vocal.

However, Beatle scholar Ian MacDonald takes a completely different view.

He writes:

"Play it loud with the bass boosted, and you have an overwhelming motoric rocker strongly redolent of the band's live sound. The song features a tight rock and roll groove in which the singer seduces his girlfriend by amplifying the power of her love to slake his yearnings.”

What made the track musically interesting is the combination of Pauls’ bass and Ringo’s drums. Already at this very early point in their recording careers this duo had contained a level of raw power unmatched at the time.

The hand claps that pervade throughout the recording and the occasional integration of joint vocals between Paul, George, and John is a perfect example of the Beatles’ ability to effectively amalgamate vocals.

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