Flying - The Beatles

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"Flying" - The Beatles (1967)

The instrumental song “Flying” is one of the very few songs written by all four of the Beatles.

The track was recorded with mellotron, guitar, bass, maracas, drums, and tape loops overdubs.
Lennon plays the main theme on mellotron, accompanied on guitars by McCartney and Harrison with Ringo playing drums and maracas. All four of them sing the melody but without any lyrics as the track fades in an assortment of tape effects created by John and Ringo.

Beatle scholar Alan Pollack points out that while there’s little if any proof of it in the officially recorded legacy, there is indisputable evidence that the very Early and Late Beatles loved to jam although very little of it wound up on vinyl (although a fair amount survived on bootleg recordings.) He says they were particularly fond of setting a simple chord progression (more often than not, but not always a twelve-bar blues frame) and then just improvise.

He refers to “Flying” as an “Arial Tour Instrumental” curiosity; a bit too fully choreographed to pass as a true improvisation, but rather less fully developed than we’d expect from The Beatles at this point in their recording career.

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