Act Naturally - The Beatles

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"Act Naturally" - The Beatles (1965)

“Act Naturally” was the last cover song The Beatles recorded until the “Get Back” sessions in 1969. It not only appeared on Help!- but it was one of the songs they decided to perform on their later appearances on Ed Sullivan.

The Beatles had a huge interest in country and western- and “Act Naturally” was a superb choice to cover. When it was first released by Buck Owens in 1963 when it hit Number One on the US Billboard country singles chart.

Ringo remembers in Anthologies:

“I sang Act Naturally in Help! I found it on a Buck Owens record and I said, 'This is the one I am going to be doing,' and they said 'OK'. We were listening to all kinds of things.”

Music critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine called it "an ideal showcase for Ringo's amiable vocals."  Ringo was encouraged to give it the same unvarnished vocal as Buck Owens did in the original.

Writes Beatle scholar Alan Pollack:

“Beyond the lead vocal, the Beatles' version matches the original in many other respects including same key, same basic arrangement right down to the tapping, and the backing vocal part for the bridges. It features a nice single-tracked vocal by John, equally nice lead guitar work that mimics the original surprisingly closely by George, and the inevitable rhythmic shaking of a tambourine.”

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