A Taste Of Honey - The Beatles

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"A Taste Of Honey" - The Beatles (1963)

Before The Beatles covered it, “A Taste Of Honey” was originally the theme tune for the 1961 film version of Shelagh Delaney's play of the same name starring Rita Tushingham.

The Beatles adapted the arrangement from the first vocal version, and made some minor lyrical changes to the chorus - Welch's version contains the lines "A taste of honey/A taste much sweeter than wine".
The track demonstrated The Beatles' versatility as a group, something they were keen to push as they sought to establish a name for themselves.

McCartney says in the Anthology documentary:

“’A Taste Of Honey’ was one of my big numbers in Hamburg - a bit of a ballad. It was different, but it used to get requested a lot. We sang close harmonies on the little echo mikes.”
John for his part was not particularly taken with the song, referring to it in the studio, half-jokingly, as "A Waste Of Money."

Paul sings both lead and joins John on harmony, a trick he supposedly picked up from Buddy Holly.
Unlike its original version, this version of "A Taste Of Honey" ends on a major key even though the body of the song is in a relative minor; it's a technique McCartney would later use to end "And I Love Her."

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