Here, There and Everywhere - The Beatles

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"Here, There and Everywhere" - The Beatles (1966)

McCartney wrote “Here, There and Everywhere” while sitting at Lennon’s swimming pool. He says he wanted to create a “structural challenge” for himself and thus constructed each verse around the three adverbs in the title.

He remarked that when he sang it in the studio he performed it as the English singer Marianne Faithful would have- and employed a falsetto voice which was double-tracked. He added that this was something the group did often- have a particular artist in mind when they sang the song which gave them direction.

McCartney remembers:

“Nearly always, it ended up sounding more like us than them anyway.”

Unparalleled in any other Beatle song, the introduction serves to prepare the listener for the most striking and expressive tonal events that lie ahead.

This is one of the very few songs in the Beatles repertoire where Paul, George and John sing harmony. It uses a wide variety of rhythmic values to convey an impression of the naturally spoken word. McCartney’s vocals is soothing and reassuring almost as if he is singing a lullaby. He approaches the listener fully vulnerable, his guard down, and yet at the same time creates a safe and comforting intimacy for the listener.

Author Jonathan Gould commented on “Here, There and Everywhere”:

“The song represents a form of musical adventurism in its own right. How high, ask these opening bars, can a song soar on a passing gust of schmaltz and still return safely to earth?”

In purely compositional terms, the track stands as a beautiful example of music and lyric working together to reinforce meaning. It is also remarkable for its bitter-sweet tune, clever harmonic scheme, and understated arrangement.

“Here, There and Everywhere” sees a feminine force as ubiquitous in human culture. The narrator displays an acute awareness that the development of the self occurs only by recognizing others. It also stresses the fact that love is to share. “I” becomes “you” becomes “everyone.” It says much about the notion of living in the here and now and about fully experiencing the conscious moment.

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