She’s A Rainbow - The Rolling Stones

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"She’s A Rainbow" - The Rolling Stones (1967)

Called The Rolling Stones’ “prettiest and most uncharacteristic song,", “She’s A Rainbow” features rich lyricism, one of the first uses of a mellotron played by Brian Jones, a vibrant piano by English pianist and organist Nicky Hopkins, and a strings arrangement by future Led Zepplin bassist, John Paul Jones.

It is believed that the song was based on a track by American musician Arthur Lee called “She Comes In Colors" that predated this song by at least one year.

The1967 track begins with the piano playing an ascending scale, which returns throughout the song as a recurring motif. Humorous and ambiguous devices are used, such as when the strings play out of tune and off key towards the end of the song, and when the other Stones sing their "La La's" like little children.

While the band was debating the string section contributed by John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney happened by and offered something along the lines of "that sounds great." That ended the argument and the strings were added. The delicate piano piece reminds one of a music box with a dancing ballerina

With a trippy, playful sound, and being a pure love song, “She’s A Rainbow” was at all typical of The Rolling Stones sound at the time. This is a rare pure love song by The Stones, whose songs about women tended to be much more driven sexual aggression. 

The speaker is talking about a woman with many lovely qualities who makes his world a little brighter everywhere she appears. The references to the sky and the earth are to compare her to the beauty found in nature.

Although it could also be The Stones’ using a double entendre. One interpretation is that “She’s A Rainbow” is a woman having an orgasm. The female, whoever she may be, is "coming" (cumming) in colors. “She comes in colors everywhere, in the air,” meaning it went all over.

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