Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley

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"Suspicious Minds" - Elvis Presley (1969)

Written by American songwriter Mark James, after his own recording of “Suspicious Minds” failed commercially the song was offered to Elvis Presley.

Elvis rode it to Number One in early 1969 and would become known as one the key songs that returned him to career success following “68 Comeback Special.

Elvis had spent most of the 60s doing movies and getting ever more frustrated and bored with them - now he poured his heart and energy into the songs with freshness. This would be the last time he would reach #1.

The song is about a mistrusting and dysfunctional relationship, and the need of the characters to overcome their issues in order to maintain it. Mark James was also the co-writer of Elvis’s comeback hit “Always on My Mind.”

The song was recorded at American Sound Studio in Memphis for Elvis’s comeback in 1968. Producer Chips Moman wanted to create and record a new style of Presley by recording rock, gospel, country, rhythm & blues and soul.

One of the most interesting parts of the track is the false fadeout at the end, followed by a fade-in. The bridge part of the song totally alters the tempo of the track.

One of the funniest lines inserted by Elvis was during his live from Madison Square Garden recording. After singing the line “So if an old friend I know” he whispers low “shoves it up your nose”. On live performances after that such as Aloha from Hawaii, you can see him almost snicker when he sings the line even though he doesn’t add the funny line.

Elvis’ publishing company, along with his manager Col. Tom Parker, tried to get their usual cut of the royalties from this and threatened to stop the recording if they didn’t. Elvis insisted on recording the song regardless.

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