How you can contribute to the database

Select a song or an artist- and read about and hear these great recordings:

The Database of Popular Music currently consists of 750 song profiles of The Beatles and the greatest songs of the last 50 years in popular music. The next goal is to reach the 1500 mark- and then onwards to 2500 and then 5000.  To do this- people from around the world needs to contribute to the effort.

You can do that by:

1. Writing a song profile

If you would like to contribute a song profile- send us your suggestion and we’ll work with you according to the basic criteria and guidelines we have set so that it gets published. 

The editorial focus is all genres from any year in popular music. Even if a song profile exists on a song- there can be several versions of it.

2. Suggest adding a complete sentence or paragraph to an existing song profile, or a different video clip.

If you feel there is an important point or fact left out of an existing song profile- or have information that we can easily insert into the essay in the way of a sentence or paragraph, send it to us and we will make the changes so that the contribution can be made. Or, if you believe there is a better video that should accompany the song profile- tell us and we'll check it out.

3. Point out an error in grammer/typo or an historical inaccuracy

If you see a typo, grammatical error or an historical inaccuracy,  please tell us so we can correct it.