How to use the database of music

Select a song or an artist- and read about and hear these great recordings:

You take your screen and you can see the song you want to promote. You can give dates and initials of artists- and then offer the ability to play the YouTube video. It can be a game to play with other people in a social setting- or a father who says "sit down child and learn about this one- it was one of my old time favorites" and they experience it together.

You can use it at a party where everyone gets a chance to chose their own song to profile.

It is a valuable education tool to learn about the background and story of all great musical recordings- from all genres and time periods of music. It highlights the incredible content the YouTube archives maintains- and its importance to the understanding and learning about great musical treasures from the past.

It's a great way to just sit around with friends and learn more about the way great music was made. Music brings us together.