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Multimedia Database of Music

The public is being asked to contribute "song profiles" to a new  "Database of Popular Music" that offers information about the greatest musical treasures of the last 50 years.

More information and higher-end content on these great musical treasures is required so that  their legacies are recognized and not forgotten. A better understanding of the song is the best way for the song to endure in the public's mind. They did this through the creation of the concept of a "song profile".

The song profile explains the origins of the song- who wrote the composition, how it was sung, performed or recorded, what the story is about, and of the song's legacy.  The existing database consists of profiles of all 200 songs The Beatles recorded- and 500 "Top Ten" hits from the last 50 years in popular music.

The public is being asked to contribute song profiles to enlarge the size of the database. Any genre of music from any artist will be welcome. The person's name will be at the the top of the profile and it will go into the master database along with a Google Image and YouTube link- and the written profile of 350 words.

Another way to contribute is to suggest the addition of a sentence or paragraph to an existing song profile in the database, and to point out historical inaccuracies and grammer/typos.

Help build the world's great research on all genres of music- using the vast content resources of YouTube- with a great Google Image. Send us your thoughts and ideas. We are here to publish them in the database.